Bonus Points

General information about Bonus Points

You earn a 10% bonus on every purchase you make in Retail stores or in our Esprit online store, plus a 3% bonus in an Outlet store. Just use your Esprit Friends Card at one of our stores (retail and outlets) and you will receive your bonus added to your account in the form of valuable bonus points. Collect 200 bonus points & you will receive a SG$20 voucher from us - it's that easy!

Your bonus points are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Example: Your first purchase with the Esprit Friends Card was in July 2015. From then on you've been busy earning points. So your bonus points from July 2015 are still valid until July 2016. But your points from July 2015 already expire in August 2016. From then on we calculate your bonus points score backdated over the last 12 months, and so on.

Bonus points voucher redemption: In the instance an e-voucher is used. Esprit Friends bonus points also able to earn with the portion of a transaction whereby an e-voucher is used as a payment method.Example: You purchase totals $500 and a $100 Esprit Friends e-voucher is used as a part payment method.Your bonus points will be earned on the entire purchase $500.

Collecting and redeeming Bonus Points vouchers

As soon as you have your Esprit Friends Card, you can start collecting bonus points on online shop and at any Esprit Stores (retail and outlets). 

Once you've reached a balance of 200 bonus points, we'll automatically send you a voucher for SG$20. You can then redeem the voucher within the next 12 months at one of our participating stores (exclude Jewel store). To redeem the bonus point voucher at the Esprit Online store, simply enter your bonus points voucher code on your voucher at checkout. You can also convert your voucher back to bonus points before redeeming in the Online store. This can be done at My Esprit / Convert my Voucher.

For customers who join Esprit Friends through the Online store, once you reach the threshold of 100 or more bonus points, you will be able to automatically redeem the bonus points online. You will not receive a bonus point voucher.

Returns and Bonus Points

Want to return a purchase? Then simply show your Esprit Friends Card when doing so, and we'll update your bonus points balance accordingly.

Should you forget your Esprit Friends Card when making a return, please show our check-out staff the till receipt for the article — in most stores your Esprit Friends Card number would have been noted when making the purchase.

Returns to the Esprit Online shop will also result in a reversal of points earned to the value of the returned item as well as the reversal of any bonus points used to pay for the goods.